Club Activities – Programme Action

At the core of all our work is Programme Action which consists of a number of projects locally, nationally and internationally.  This year the projects that the club is working on are:


We are fund raising to support our Birthing in Gambia (BIG) project which provides training and equipment to ensure that women facing complications in pregnancy and childbirth can access appropriate medical help.  This is being undertaken in partnership with Material and Childhealth Advocacy International (MCAI), the government of Gambia, several UN agencies and local communities.

Within our Federation

Members are gathering information from a range of sources to support the Prison Reform Trust as part of their 3 year project.  The project is to reduce the short term imprisonment of women for minor crime and increase the provision of centres based in the community where women can be supported to address the issues that led them into crime.

Within our club members are:

1.  Raising awareness and gathering signatures for the petition to support the Purple Teardrop Campaign to ban ‘sex for sale advertising’ as part of the overall Soroptimist campaign to combat violence against women.

2.  Collecting regularly for the local food bank.

3.  Spearheading a regional project which is raising funds to support the training of a nurse, currently working as a carer in a Respite Unit called Othandweni (place of love) in South Africa.  This unit provides care for people in the advanced stages of AIDS.