About our Club

SI Preston

This bunch of ‘comely wenches’ are members of SI Preston and what a friendly lot we all are and look – we can spell!

You will find all sorts of characters amongst us with professions and careers, personalities, interests, ages as varied and as tasty  as a bag of liquorice allsorts.  There will be one to suit YOU!  And we are all friends.

We all have a common aim – and that is to make a difference.  We want to inspire. We want to transform. We want to help.

The Club meets twice a month at County Hall, Preston at 7.30 pm on the first Wednesday of the month when we have a business meeting  and again on the third Wednesday of the month when we have a social meeting .  We don’t meet in August as it’s our summer break.

The Business meeting deals with administrative issues together with the development and implementation of our service and charity giving programmes.

At the Social meeting we  have speakers on varied topics and during the Summer we usually include a number of outings to places of interest finishing with a meal at a local hostelry.

Often social events form part of our fund-raising activites.  This year we are supporting DigIn North West as our club charity.

The Club celebrates its Charter Anniversary attended by members from the other Clubs in the North West and Isle of Man Region.

Currently there are 32 members – we would LOVE to increase that number this year.

Are you interested in joining us ? You must be as you are reading this.  Don’t be shy.  Don’t procrastinate. Come along to our next meeting.  We will welcome you with open arms.  Come on – join SI Preston and help us make a difference.