2017 Learning what the Coastguards have been up to!

May 16th 2017 Speaker Meeting on Behalf of HM Coastguard We made everything shipshape at Rosegarth ready for Pip Hall’s arrival. He looked impressive in his uniform and deserved to be piped aboard! Pip is the highly respected Senior Coastal … Continued

2017 Easy fundraising

2017 Members in Action

Torquay & District SI attend Torbay’s first ever Symposium of Ideas The first ever Torbay Symposium of Ideas was held on Saturday May 6th at Central Church Tor Hill Road, Torquay. It was a free event arranged by Ageing Well … Continued

2017 A break for our Torbay Young Carers

‘You are either very curious, very brave or quite mad!’ This we said to our young visitors on Saturday. They’d arrived at Rosegarth House for a party organised for them by a group of ladies, who belong to a global … Continued

2017 Torquay is Buzzing!

Torquay and District Soroptimist International is a small club (14 Regular Members) but we’re certainly buzzing. We are happy to help sister clubs and have knitted long sleeved chip shop baby vests and bed socks for SI Tiverton.  Donations of … Continued

2017 Another Happy Visit to the Purple Angel Memory Cafe

Another happy visit. It was a slow start with the teas and coffees, then suddenly everyone arrived at once. There was a testing quiz, a word game, then down to the serious artistic business. Everyone was given a new flowerpot … Continued

2017 Keeping families in touch

Brian Smith came to Rosegarth to give a talk on Storybook Dads. It was an excellent talk and a complete revelation. Brian brought things to life with interactive clips and we were able to fully appreciate the Dads and their … Continued

2017 Childrens Hospice SW

Little Bridge House opens its doors to their supporters once a month to give them an insight into children’s hospice life and thank their donors and volunteers for all their ongoing support. The first Monday in March members of the … Continued

2017 Joseph – Just for fun!

A group of ladies met up to see Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat. The weather was atrocious and we were blown into the Princess Theatre at the mercy of the gale! We were followed in by a horde … Continued

2017 Torquay Child Contact Centre

Barry Meteyard is Chairman of the Torquay Child Contact Centre. He came to give us some insight into this Charity. The group provides a local, special place for children to meet and maintain their relationship with parents and family members … Continued