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2019 Supporting Dementia & Alzheimer sufferers

The Torquay & District Soroptimist International are very dementia aware and members have put their skills to good use by knitting Twiddlemuffs/comforters which have been offered to local care homes with dementia & alzheimer sufferers.

The hand knitted twiddlemuff/comforter may also help dexterity and act to stimulate those who have suffered a stroke.  It is knitted double so also helps to keep hands warm as well as occupied.  There are several decorations/embellishments sewn to both the outside and to the inside as well.  Different yarns and stitches are used to vary the texture of the muff. Decorations vary in size and shape. Please note that not all decorations are shown in the photo.

In addition to Harbour Rise we have recently taken over 40 Twiddlemuffs to Greycliffe Manor, Erith House, Walmer House & Primley Park.

If you know of anyone that would like a Twiddlemuff please make contact by this web page or messenger on Facebook.

Cheryl Rider