2018 Paignton Community Larder Garden Party

Saturday 9th June We were there! Yes, we arrived to give our support to the Paignton team as they were organising their first event. The teddies were with us. Cheryl Rider had gathered them all together to set up the Tombola … Continued

2018 The Ladies Lounge – a safe place

Two ladies from the Ladies Lounge shared the evening with us and explained their commitment to the support of vulnerable women in Torbay. They covered the important aspects of the responsibilities they have and spoke with empathy and compassion. They … Continued

2018 Members join the Plymouth walk to honour the achievements of 100 amazing women of the last century

Sun block, water, comfie shoes and – a brolly. These were the essentials we advised our intrepid walkers to take with them for the special walk through Plymouth. The event was organised by a Plymouth Soroptimist and it was intended … Continued

2018 Twiddlemuffs – Soroptimist members help Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Knitting for charity is a wonderful and rewarding project.  Members of the Torquay & District Soroptimist International continue to knit twiddlemuffs to help those with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  Twiddlemuffs have recently been given to Babbacombe Chiropodist Lorna Hill who … Continued

2018 Attention knitters: traffic light hats for new born babies

Members of the Torquay & District SI responded to a FaceBook post from the Torbay and South Devon Maternity Services asking for ‘Traffic Light Hats’ – red, orange or green for new born babies.   The hats will be used … Continued

2018 Make a Difference – Volunteer!

2018 Membership Month – contact us

AGM of Torquay and District Soroptimist International April 17th 2018

Our Secretary Carole, was too ill to attend this meeting but she left an excellent report to be read to us. We all agreed that she has stepped into the roll of Secretary very well and has control of things. … Continued

2018 Coffee & Craft with the LIGHT group

At ten o’clock five Soroptimists arrived at Rosegarth, in sunshine! Soon five lovely ladies and a gentleman joined us for a Coffee and Craft Morning. Cheryl had raided her home craft collection and tables were spread with a variety of … Continued

2018 Join us