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Friendship club links 2012

A tribute to our late Sister from SI St Petersburg.

Dr Nelli Fedrova—SI St Petersburg

Died 27th June 2012

Nellis death has left us saddened and yet we can be thankful for having known her.

Our friendship started some 16 years ago and during that time Nelli has given us great insight into the lives led by many professional women in St Petersburg.

As a Soroptimist she never demurred in her desire to serve others.  She had a generosity of spirit, a genuine interest in all those that she met, and a great love and considerable knowledge of the culture and history of her city and took great joy in sharing that with the many Soroptimist visitors from other countries.

Nelli’s visit with Tatyana to Bangor for our 60th anniversary celebrations was a time that she often spoke about.  How she enjoyed meeting the club members and she did remember everyone by name.

President Marina has written of Nelli—Talented, bright, unique- a role model for us- an example to follow- nobody can replace her. And this sums up a wonderful woman that we have had the privilege of knowing and calling dear friend.


There have been many recent personal contacts, meetings and events connected with our Friendship Link Clubs.

At the International Conference in Montreal Joan handed over a gift from our Club

to President Marina, SI St. Petersburg. She also met with Tess Hogan, SI Cork, and Laxmi, formerly SI Calcutta.

We had been invited to the 20th Charter Celebrations of our friendship link Club SI St Petersburg. Instead of going some members – as part of their Promissory commitment – decided to hold a Russian meal, which would be held at the same time. Many members, their spouses and friends enjoyed a tasty supper and  ‘toasted’ our friends in St Petersburg.

A number entered into the spirit of the event by wearing appropriate attire. The room was decorated with posters of St Petersburg and photographs taken there were projected on the wall along with suitable music.

During the evening Anne Lovell ran a ballot to raise funds to support the work of SI St. Petersburg’s charity.

In late December some members were joined by Maura Maginn (SI Newry & Mourne) and Sasha, the daughter of

Sasha is studying for a doctorate award in Dublin.Following a shared meal we handed over €250 (the proceeds of the ballot) to Sasha who

would pass it on when she was home for her Christmas holiday. Sasha then, via her laptop contacted her mother. As Sasha showed photographs of St Petersburg’s Charter celebrations Marina was able, via the internet, to explain them.

What a small and connected world!