Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

By using the SIGBI website, you agree to use it for only lawful purposes and in a way which will not harm anyone else. SIGBI is happy for you to download information for your own use, but would not like you to put our information onto another website or to use the information you obtain for commercial gain.

If you download words or pictures, please make sure you acknowledge their source as SIGBI will usually hold the copyright. If you download a picture or information where SIGBI does not hold the copyright, please check with the copyright holder first for their permission.

We cherish the privacy of our members and would not welcome the storage or transmission of any information about a SIGBI member to another person without their express permission.

The photos, logos, information, pictures and descriptions on our site are provided for the use of members. We do not accept any liability for damages however incurred if you use these facilities. Although we attempt to make sure our server and the contents of the site are free from bugs, viruses and errors, SIGBI cannot accept responsibility for defects. SIGBI does its utmost to ensure that our security software eliminates viruses, but we assume that those using our site use their own security system and we cannot therefore accept responsibility for any problems that arise.

When we show a link to another site, you must not assume that that site has our complete blessing. You must use your judgement to see that the linking site is honourable. If you find a problem, we would be grateful to be made aware of it as soon as possible.

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SIGBI Ltd is registered in England and Wales number 7058666 at the registered office: 2nd Floor, Beckwith House, 1 Wellington Road North, Stockport, SK4 1AF


What is a cookie?

Most sites today make use of cookies – these are small files that a website stores on the user’s computer in order to enhance the functionality of the website.

Cookies used on this website

This website uses relatively few cookies. Cookies used on this site are for the following purposes:

  • Facilitates use of Google Analytics
  • Remember the open/closed state of the web page footer’s collapsible site map

These cookies are not harmful in any way, nor do we collect any personal information on website users. If you so wish, you can disable cookies by changing the security options in your web browser.

Further details are listed below.

Cookie name Cookie description


A persistent cookie – remains on a computer, unless it expires or the cookie cache is cleared. It tracks visitors. Metrics associated with the Google __utma cookie include: first visit (unique visit), last visit (returning visit). This also includes Days and Visits to purchase calculations which afford ecommerce websites with data intelligence around purchasing sales funnels.

__utmb & __utmc

These cookies work in tandem to calculate visit length. Google __utmb cookie demarks the exact arrival time, then Google __utmc registers the precise exit time of the user. Because __utmb counts entrance visits, it is a session cookie, and expires at the end of the session, e.g. when the user leaves the page. A timestamp of 30 minutes must pass before Google cookie __utmc expires.Given__utmc cannot tell if a browser or website session ends. Therefore, if no new page view is recorded in 30 minutes the cookie is expired.This is a standard ‘grace period’ in web analytics. Ominture and WebTrends among many others follow the same procedure.


Cookie __utmz monitors the HTTP Referrer and notes where a visitor arrived from, with the referrer siloed into type (Search engine (organic or cpc), direct, social and unaccounted). From the HTTP Referrer the __utmz Cookie also registers, what keyword generated the visit plus geolocation data.This cookie lasts six months. In tracking terms this Cookie is perhaps the most important as it will tell you about your traffic and help with conversion information such as what source / medium / keyword to attribute for a Goal Conversion.


Google __utmv Cookie lasts ‘forever’. It is a persistant cookie. It is used for segmentation, data experimentation and the __utmv works hand in hand with the __utmz cookie to improve cookie targeting capabilities.


A custom cookie specific to which remembers whether the site map in the footer of the web page was left open or not recently. This is only actually created if you open the site map. A very basic ‘boolean’ cookie which stores just a ‘true’ or ‘false’ value.