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Associate Membership

Associate Membership

associate membership

Associate Membership provides an opportunity for membership if:

  • you are a woman who believes in what we do, wants to be involved, but are unable to attend Club meetings due to other commitments;
  • you are one of a group of women who are getting ready to start a brand new Club and want to be a Soroptimist before the Club is chartered. Once the Club is chartered you can transfer your membership to the new Club;
  • you are an existing member who wants to transfer to another Club (perhaps you have moved to a new area) and Associate Membership keeps your membership active whilst you explore other Clubs that you may want to join.

As an Associate Member, you will learn about our organisation and get involved in our project work to improve the lives of women and girls through our website, social media and email updates. You will need an email address to enjoy this form of Membership.

We are looking for new Members. Join us today as an Associate Member, for an annual subscription fee of £65.04 if you are in the UK or Republic of Ireland and £62.04 if you are from one of our other countries.

You’ll receive:

  • Access to The Hub, where news is posted regularly, other members can be contacted, projects being done by Clubs are showcased, and the Library contains all the documentation available for members
  • Bi-monthly News Briefings
  • The opportunity to attend our annual conference
  • The opportunity to attend Regional Meetings (you will be assigned to a Region, based on your location, and they will include you in their mailing lists)
  • Membership of an international women’s organisation with a network of Members and Clubs across the world
  • The opportunity to learn about and understand the issues affecting women and girls, and build a better world for them

You can also join our online discussion group to connect with other Soroptimist Associates.

Join us as an Associate Member now!

Please complete the form below to join as an Associate Member. Payment will be requested by credit card:

Associate Membership for Younger Members

If you are under 25 then your Associate Membership fee will be cheaper.

If you think you’d like the benefit of attending regular Club meetings then contact your nearest Club.

Gift Voucher – Give Associate Membership as a Gift

Why not give the gift of Associate Membership? An Associate Membership Gift Voucher would make a lovely Christmas, birthday or Mothers Day gift. The gift voucher is intended to be issued and completed electronically and forwarded by email.

The annual fee is £65.04 but only £23.40 for under 25 year olds.

Important notice: Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) Ltd will treat all information submitted on forms as confidential and will not share this information with any other Organisation.  If you are interested in joining a Club then your details will only be passed onto the Club concerned so that they can contact you.  If you are interested in Associate Membership then your details are not passed to anyone as your Membership is handled within the office.

By completing either form you agree to SIGBI HQ or a SIGBI Club contacting you regarding Membership.

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