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School Club Membership

School Club Membership

What is a School Club?

Women have to be 16 or over in order to join a Soroptimist Club, but the issues the women and girls worldwide face are close to the hearts of young people everywhere, and they also want to make a difference.

Soroptimist International Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) has five School Clubs, and would encourage schools to get in touch if they want to start one. They give school-age children the opportunity to carry out projects of their choice to improve the lives of women and girls. They are an extra-curricular activity carried out within the school.

School Clubs are mentored by their local Soroptimist Club, but are lead by a teacher within the school to ensure that all safeguarding issues are adhered to.

See the interview below that SIGBI’s Membership Director had with a member of a School Club at Newstead Wood School in Croydon, about why she was motivated to start a School Club:

How to start a School Club

If you are interested in starting a School Club in your school, then please email You will be put in touch with your local Soroptimist Club, who will be happy to guide you as to the type of projects you will be able to do, and give you information about Soroptimist International.

Once chartered, your school will be provided with a certificate, and the students who join the school club will also receive certificates. You will receive 25 gold dynamic S (our logo) badges, and more can be purchased if required. There is a nominal charge of £20 per annum for membership.

School Clubs are required to sign an agreement, which you can view below.

What are you waiting for. Enquire about starting a School Club today.

(pictured below the charter celebrations of Newstead Wood School and East Norfolk Sixth Form College:


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