Club History

                                  S I HESWALL CLUB HISTORY

Twenty founder members attended the inaugural meeting of the Heswall Club  on November 26th 1948. This and subsequent meetings were held in the Spinning Wheel Café. Mrs Astin the proprietor of the café, was elected President.

The Charter  Dinner was held at the Hotel Victoria on April 21st 1949. Birkenhead, the Mother Club of Heswall, presented the block and gavel.

Dr Brill produced the design for the badge on the regalia that depicted a spinning wheel, in recognition of the first meeting place, and the motto ’Looking Further’.

The early years saw the establishment of a Sister Club link with Halifax, Nova Scotia and others soon followed. A monthly Club Newsletter was started and a member was appointed ‘Carer of the Club Scrapbook’. Parties and day trips for local pensioners were held, fund raising benefited local hospitals/organisations and members were invited to serve on various committees in the Heswall area.

Under the aegis of Civic and later Programme Action the Club has been involved in a wide variety of local, national and international issues. Locally the Club has concerned itself with such projects as youth provision, the staging of mock interviews for pupils at a local secondary school, helping primary school children with reading, story sacks, the collection of items for recycling and the disposal of waste.

In the 1990’s the Club’s safe disposal of drugs survey was chosen as the first Cheshire, North Wales and Wirral Regional Project Action project. A study day on women’s issues, to which other organisations were invited, was arranged by members of the Club. This was followed by two Programme Action based conferences organised by a committee from the Soroptimist Clubs on Wirral and chaired by Heswall.

A Club mentor was first appointed in 1999 and in the same year responsibility for pastoral care became a Club appointment. Events aimed at attracting members have been held. New members have been, and continue to be, invited to a social evening to discover more about the Club and the work of Soroptimist organisation in general. For many years retired members have had held a monthly coffee morning at member’s homes and a lunch at Christmas.

Since its foundation the Club has raised money for many charitable causes and taken part in a wide range of social events. Many people have found, and continue to find, friendship and the opportunity for service in the Club.

Full details of all our current activities can be found on our other Web pages.