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Action with Young Carers Wirral

Action with Young Carers Wirral works with young carers who are children or young people under 18 caring for an adult family member in need of support because of a long-term illness or disability.  These can include physical illness or disability, mental health problems and drug or alcohol problems and may not be apparent. The care these young people give would normally be done by an adult and is invaluable support to their family member. Girls and boys in a caring role do not see themselves as carers and are not recognised as such by other people like friends and teachers and yet they play a major part in family situations.

Young carers help in many ways from shopping and housework to helping with medications, correspondence and hospital appointments. They carry responsibilities beyond their years and this can affect their school/college work and time to spend with their friends.

Action with Young Carers Wirral reaches out these stalwart young people and offers help and support in many ways. Its team members are ready to listen and understand the situations the carers find themselves in. They can provide information and get help and advice about the illness or disability of the family member being helped. They will speak out for the young carers and throughout the year arrange for some social time and a chance for them to meet up with others in similar circumstances.