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The Lighthouse Centre

Following on from the SIGBI Domestic Abuse Project, some members felt there could be a lack of IDVA in courts/communities. IDVA (independent domestic violence advisers) are advisers who address the safety of victims who are at high risk of harm, such as from partners or family members, and secure their safety and the safety of the children. There is a patchy presence who link with Local Authorities and other support services. So, what support can we offer as a club? A club member, Pat, contacted a local IDVA, who gave Pat information on ‘Involve Northwest’, based in Rock Ferry, offering a wide range of services to improve family life.  Within the community hub is the “Lighthouse Centre”, which takes over when the IDVA deems the situation is no longer an emergency. 6 club members were invited to a team meeting at the Lighthouse Centre. The IDVA, one of 8 on Wirral, explained how IDVA’s worked within the community, and the different rules relating to Crown, Magistrate and Family courts. It is costly going to court, so the IDVA can support the victim by offering other options. If the victim attends court, then the IDVA can attend with them to give support, but has to sit in the public gallery. The IDVA works with family services, social service, drug counsellors and sometimes the Police.

We met one of WBC  family support, who works closely with the IDVA’s.  We were shown around the centre, which is also used by other charities, such as Leap Frog and Clear Minds. A wonderful place for domestic victims and their children to go to in a time of need. Soroptimists can help by raising awareness of the centre and perhaps volunteer in the centre. Sadly, the centre is only funded until April 2023, so they need thousands of pounds to continue from April. Perhaps a club member has links with a large organisation who may offer help or a wealthy individual. The Hub has already applied to the Council and Lottery funding.


The Lighthouse Centre provides a safe, warm and friendly place for victims of Domestic abuse to go for help and for IDVA and family counsellors to meet their clients.

The centre has been risk assessed by MARCA and is a fully operational centre providing support for women and children who need help and who have been affected by domestic violence.

 The “Involve Northwest Community Centre” received Government funding in 2019 from the Culture & social media dept and also the Steve Morgan Society, but this will run out in April 2023.