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Treasurer’s report with subscription recommendations for 23/24

SI ILKLEY- Treasurer’s Report  for 05.01.23 Executive Meeting 

Total Funds:  The balance  in SI Ilkley’s account on December 31st is  £4133.10. The Hospitality Fund balance is £884.20,  Contingency Fund: £1442.91, Charity account: £1590.89,  leaving £215.10 unallocated in General Funds.  

Charity Account:                                                                                                                       

Funds held are allocated: Sporting Related Activities £1203.66.  £172.84 remains from the bulb planting and £13.39 from ‘Penny for the Pot’ and £201 for KWA.  making a total of £1552.89, as above. The plaque re daffodils cost £162.84 and £500 has been donated to KWA  (Staying Put) for Christmas Parties and Starter Packs. The “Penny for the Pot” collection has so far raised £13.39. (£4.54 added). Please continue to put spare change into the “Pot”. Suggested: £172.84 + £13.39 be allocated to KWA = £186.23. The Mince Pie Bazaar at Bolton Abbey  on December 3rd raised £68, for KWA, increased to £201,  from sales of £95 on December 8th, and further £38 from sales and a donation. This would give  a total held for KWA of £387.23. 

Hospitality  and Contingency  Funds 

As above

General Account 

£19.00 has been received in monthly Subs.  £60 has been spent on Banners re Oranging. (The total cost of Oranging this year is £117.10: postcards, envelopes, printing and banners).  Room hire for October was £140, November was £70 and £105 on December 8th.  Catering costs for the 90th party were £280,(£200 contribution to catering costs received) leaving a cost to the Club of £80 + additional room hire charge of £35 = £115.   £47.20 travel expenses has been  paid for travel expenses to two RCMs.  £11.40 has been paid for a name badge (new member).   The balance is £215.10, as above.   The remaining balance will cover room hire costs for January and February,  but it will be necessary to use money from the Contingency Fund for any further expenses before the end of March; room hire costs for March will be £140.   The high cost of Oranging this year and the party expenses were both unexpected costs, (£232.10 in total).  

Treasurer’s Absence 

I will be away from January 5th until March 9th. Loraine is happy to step in, but she will also be away from January 31st until February 24th.  The accounts from Clarke-Foley for January/February will be emailed to me, and I will pay them by Bank transfer as usual.  (I will have access to emails, as and when). I do not know of any other accounts due, but any can be emailed to me as long as there are bank details included for payment.  Any cash that is required can be obtained from Loraine or Margaret who both have bank cards for cash withdrawals or making any purchases necessary. (Gill also has a card). Any money received can be paid in at the local branch of the Nat.West (using the card) before February 22nd when the branch closes. After that, money can be paid in at the Post Office. 

I hope those arrangements are satisfactory to the Club, and cover all eventualities. 


My recommendation for Subs for 2023/24 is an increase of 10.9% to £122 and £100 (+11.1%) for those members who have completed 40 years service. Please see attached  Budget 2023/24 paper to assist discussion.  

Treasurer- 2023/24

I hope to be away from January 6th 2024 to 4th May. It therefore seems that a new Treasurer should be appointed at the AGM in April. Hopefully someone is waiting for the opportunity to take over. 

If all else fails, I am happy to carry on. The only difference from this year is that I  would be away for the AGM (2024) which would have to be held without the Annual accounts, although there would be  an interim report at the end of December, as this year. Accounts could be ready for the end of May.   2024 is the 80th Anniversary, so unlike this year, there is likely to be more for the Treasurer to do in the early months of the year, so an assistant or stand in would be essential.  

I will be very happy to go along with whatever Club decides to do, and I  would be happy to help a new Treasurer in any way required. 

If you’ve any questions please contact me by January 4th as I might not have WiFi for the first few days. 

Thank you,

Brenda Brown

31st December 2022