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The importance of Partnerships – Programme Director’s message June 2020

The need for governments, non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations and people from every nation of the world to work together in partnership has never been greater. Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, referring to the Sustainable Development Goals at the end of 2015, said: “The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are our shared vision of humanity

President’s Message May 2020

Hello, Since the World Health Organisation officially declared the Covid19 a pandemic on 11 March, life has changed beyond all recognition.  The news from around the world and the daily toll of cases and deaths reminds us why the measures now in place are so important. The shutdown has caused immeasurable pain in jobs lost,

UN Building

Programme Director’s Message May 2020

The UN at 75- and the voices of Women These are disturbing times – in every sort of way – humankind is faced with the uncertainty of what is the new normal, for normal has become variable. In this uncertain time, an institution – the United Nations that was meant to be a harbinger of

President’s April 2020 Message

Hello So much has happened due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and so much has not happened this month.   We are in social isolation.  The experience of this is different for us all.  Many of us live on our own, many of us are in the ‘at risk’ category and some of us are in the shielded

Sustainable Developments Goals map

Programme Director’s April 2020 Message

Commission on the Status of Women 2020 (CSW64) I am sure you are all aware that CSW64 was cancelled due to the threat of Corona Virus and the dangers of having 11,000 community delegates in New York together with government delegations and UN staff. We were all very disappointed and somewhat disbelieving but subsequent developments

We Stand Up For Women

SIGBI President’s March 2020 Blog

Well March has arrived and we are a quarter of the way into our Federation year, 2019 to 2020, and the implementation of our plans to increase our voice and visibility. There are some key activities that we have been planning for many months, one of which is our attendance at the sixty-fourth session of

SIGBI Programme Director – March 2020

Building resilience and sustainability We are seeing the signs of climate change; the availability of essential resources like drinking water, energy and agricultural production and more natural disasters. Women and girls are 14 time more likely to die in a disaster than men, according to a leaflet by ActionAid. If resilience is about coping with

SIGBI President’s August 2019 Blog

Hello Ladies, I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. For those members who have just returned from Kuala Lumpur, you certainly brought the sunshine back with you. From looking at the photos and reading the blogs I think the 21st International Convention can be declared a resounding success! Now it’s time for members to make

SIGBI Programme Director’s Blog August 2019

During the summer we can reflect on the past year and prepare for the next. There is much going on at present including preparation for the UN anniversaries[1] during 2020. Whilst we were at the SI Convention in Kuala Lumpur the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) was running at the UN in New York: The