President’s Message



I am proud to represent Soroptimist International of Pendleside as their President for the coming year 2014-2015.

My Soroptimist journey to date has been rewarding and fulfilling and my dream is for this to continue.

I joined this dynamic organisation in 1984 as a young,naive and very nervous recruit. The members made me feel “at home” immediately and I soon began to understand what Soroptimism is all about.

At the time of joining I had a demanding job, but no family. My son was born in 1986 and I juggled motherhood, a job, and my Soroptimism. It was a full on experience but one that I would not change. My motto was ” just do what you can to the best of your ability”. I can honestly say it worked for me.

Becoming President this year has left me with an even bigger challenge – what can we do that hasn’t already been achieved.

So I have decided to look to the future, both as a club and an organisation. To be successful going towards 2020 and beyond we need a new spirit.

Members are our backbone and we must build on what we already have. So our aim must be to:

  • Retain our current membership
  • Inspire new members to join
  • Encourage former members to rejoin

So my goal is to increase the membership of S I Pendleside by a minimum of four during my year of office.

To do this every single member will need to play their part.

Over the next 12 months each of our members is going to suffer from a serious bout of P.M.T.


Watch this space!