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President’s message

President Gwenda

President Gwenda Parry


My main priority this year is to bond the Club together following this horrid period away from each other.

As with my last period in the Chair, children still play an active role in my life and causes.  My Theatre work days unfortunately are now behind me but it still runs healthily in my veins so organising and presenting skills are going to be used to their best advantage.   I still work part time in the College but I now teach Independent Living Skills to young people with any form of physical, mental or emotional disability.

My theme for the year is Health and Wellbeing as I feel at this time in our lives we are in need of supporting others, and not forgetting ourselves through this difficult period.  My greatest aim this year is to organise screening with the aid of C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young) which detect any abnormalities with the heart. This is hopefully going to avoid Sudden Death Syndromes in young people.  If we can detect one person with a defective gene, it will have been worth it.

For the Centenary, I have come up with an idea called Target 100 whereby everything will be done in multiples of 100 and we will fill in a square on our chart of 100 squares. This will cover activities, collections and achievements.