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‘Bring a Bra’ Evening

On June 3rd members of SI Bangor brought along all their unwanted bras and deposited them in the BCR bras bank.  The bras collected will be recycled by BCR and sent to Africa,  where bras remain too expensive to produce.  They are sold on which helps small businesses in the developing countries.  BCR then donate £1000 for every tonne of bras collected (9000 bras) to “Against Breast Cancer” for their dedicated research to improve the detection and survival of breast cancer, based at the University of Westminster, London.  Mrs. Yi Jones has a ‘bra box’ in her Nail bar business in Upper Bangor and would welcome any good quality bras to donate to the charity.

Dropping bras into the 'Bra Bank'
Dropping bras into the ‘Bra Bank’