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Club Officers

President- Marianne Jackson

President Elect– Diane Davies

Vice President – Vacancy

Immediate Past President– Previous Executive

Secretary – Vikki Williams

Treasurer– Joan Wynne

Programme Action Officer – Sheena Renner

Membership and Wellbeing Officer– Julie Lewis

Executive Committee – Marianne Jackson, Diane Davies, Julie Lewis, Joan Wynne, Vikki Williams, Mair Jones OBE, Olga Evison, Sheena Renners, Vicki Williams, Jenny Watkin-Jones, Susan Waters, Andy Hawkins

Programme Action- Sheena Renner (Chair), Caren Lewis, Jenie Dean, Marian Jones, Gudrun Reick

Finance Committee- Joan Wynne (Chair), Olga Evison, Mair Jones OBE, Fundraising SubCommittee : Susan Waters (Chair), Jenny Watkin Jones, Rhian Jones

Social Committee- Eirwen (Chair), Ceri Edwards, Mary Battersby, Liz Taylor, Lin MacDonald

Membership and Wellbeing Committee- Julie Lewis (Chair), Vikki Williams, Marianne Jackson, Joan Thomas, Diane Davies, Mair Jones OBE

Programme Planning- Marianne Jackson (Chair), Diane Davies, Wendy Jones, Vikki Williams, Sheena Renner, Jenie Dean.

Luncheon Secretary- Vicki Williams

Friendship Link Coordinator- Julie Lewis

Safeguarding Officer – Caren Lewis

Regional Delegates- Gudrun Reick, Sheena Renner to October 2023

Marianne Jackson, Diane Davies to October 2024

Communications Officer Olga Evison

Website Editor Diane Davies

Honorary Members Enid Griffith, Sian Owen Kent

Hospitality included in Social Committee