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A Litter Picking Start to the New Year

The idea of a walk whilst ‘picking up’ litter is credited to the Programme Action Group meeting back in October. It was agreed that it was too soon to meet up and arrange a walk and beach clean for all members but the benefits of being outdoors during this difficult period was clear to everybody so the suggestion was that smaller groups be arranged for walks whilst picking up litter for one month during January 2022. Steps/mileage would be recorded and would contribute to SIGBI ‘Beach Cleaning Programme Action.’
Marianne organised the loan of 15 sets of litter pickers, gloves, refuge bags with rings from Gemm at Anglesey Sea Zoo. Many thanks to the Sea Zoo for their generous support.

The idea was that we would start small .. stepping outside our own front doors to do a bit of a tidy up; joining with a friend and roaming a little bit further (a big challenge for those of us who have been shielding and isolating over the past two years). As ever, the enthusiasm of club Members had taken over!
Many thanks to all who took part and Gwen for the photos, encouraging us all on WhatsApp and taking the lead on all arrangements complying with Health and Safety and Covid 19 Rules.

It’s been a fantastic effort, so much support, encouragement and of course friendship.

Finally, very grateful thanks to Marianne who organised this event and £265 is being donated with £30 gift aid to ‘Walk the Walk Get Going January’ in support of Breast Cancer Charity.