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2022/2023 AGM

Our annual AGM was held in Parc Menai with some members joining by Zoom.
A lovely start to the meeting was a donation of money we had raised during the year. Vicki presented Eirwen from Gorwel (Women’s Refuge) a cheque for £1,622 and she promised to come back in the autumn to give us an update.
Reports from Programme Action (Sian), Treasurer (Joan) and Secretary (Lin) followed.
Several nominations were made for charities to support in 22/23 and we will do our best:-
Carer’s Outreach,Gorwel, North Wales Wildlife Trust, St David’s Hospice, Ty Gobaith, North Wales Society for the Blind and Blind Veterans.
Marianne had the pleasure of introducing one of our new members, Rhian, to our club.
In the absence of Gudrun, Joan W gave us an Ode to 2021/22.
Ode to 2021/22
So what can I say for the year that went by?
When none of our meetings were held eye to eye.
But were we despondent, all set for defeat?
‘Spite square eyes from zooming, we managed a treat.
Good speakers were chosen for our sheer delight.
Whilst others gave insight and thought for their plight
The questions we raised added more to debate
And thank you to all we were glad to relate.
Ty Gobaith for starters, which meets such a need.
Likewise the Llyn Outward bound venture indeed.
Then off to tour Moel y Ci co-op we went
Familiar to those on the lockdown walks bent.
One evening in June when it rained and was cold
We went to Zimbabwe for sunshine-pure gold.
Jafuta’s success was inspiring to all
And we finished in splendour at Victoria fall (s)
The Autumn and Winter brought speakers who told
Of services given, to young and to old.
From mental wellbeing held at Abby road
Tai Chi for dementia, to lighten the load
The CHC lady explained what they do
Complaints and improvements, they’re there to pursue.
And Awyr Las functions to take any money
To make life for patients a little more sunny.
The lady who showed us the dark sky at night
Said, switch off your lights and enjoy sheer delight
And how better to banish a stressful old time
Than with gongs playing softly, it was so sublime.
Our local MS was the next to the fold
With Sian’s talk informative- so I am told
For I was in Iceland, AWOL and not found.
Gone swimming in geysers, with snow on the ground.
And so to the best bits, with friends reunited
In cold winter carparks, sure all were invited.
For the Refuge and homeless our aim was to please
With small gifts of kindness, their troubles to ease.
And then off to parties at Jenny’s, The Glyn
For Xmas festivities, so to begin.
Whilst summer, in sunshine and warm evening air
Prosecco and pizza, sheer joy I declare
So thanks to all those who have kept us together.
Thus difficult times, we were able to weather.
Good bye to the old year and welcome the new.
Our mission in friendship, we gladly renew.