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4.6.24 Twr Marcwis – Marquis of Anglesey Column

Marquess of Anglesey’s Column

Anglesey Column Trust

We had a very interesting talk on a project to Renovate, Re-image and Restore the Marquess of Anglesey’s Column at Llanfair PG.  Delyth Jones Williams, the Column Manager. She informed us that the Column closed in 2014 and whilst it was sound structurally, the entire internal staircase and doors needed replacing and ventilation introduced to prevent further deterioration.  The small cottage nearby was in a very poor condition and needed re-roofing and a complete refit.  A new extension has provided space for Visitor Services, a Cafe and an Office.   The restoration and reopening of the Column has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund together with other very generous donors and a wonderful group of volunteers.

The column stands on an outcrop of blueschist rock  This example is amongst the oldest known in the world, and in 2010 the site was declared a Geological  Site of Special Scientific Interest. 

A structure that all can see from the road as they travel over the Brittania Bridge to Ynys Mon/Isle of Anglesey, we all felt enlightened by the history shared with us and excited to visit soon (especially the wonderful cafe which enabled visitors unable to access the narrow staircase an equally interesting view of this historic monument).