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We’ve gone into broadcasting!


National Talking Newspapers and Magazines (NTNM) was set up in 1974 and provides national newspapers and magazines in a variety of accessible formats. All the reading, which amounts to thousands of hours each year, is undertaken entirely by volunteers, and members of our Club and their friends have joined them under our Programme Action programme.

Plans are well in hand to start the recording of the North Down Talking Newspaper at the beginning of April.  This could only have happened with the help and support from the following people.  We thank Brian Wilson, MLA, who has kindly agreed that we may use his office to do our recording. We also thank the Society Working Group of Thales for their generous funding and Club members for their donations, all of which has enabled us to purchase the equipment we need.  RNIB have provided a laptop computer and their contact, Richard Bradley, has held three training evenings for our teams.

Initially we hope to reach between 80 and 100 visually impaired listeners in the North Down area.

Jen Loughridge who leads the talking book teams carries out a trial reading.

Jen Loughridge carries out a trial reading.