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Start of a new Club year.

The Lairgate Hotel was the venue for the club’s first meeting of the new year. Mrs Berna Moody, a local Soroptimist, was welcomed as the guest speaker. Her subject was the Richard lll Society.

Richard was the last Plantagenet king of England and ruled for only two years. He was killed, aged 32, during the Battle of Bosworth Field in August 1485  during the Wars of the Roses.

In his youth, Richard demonstrated loyalty to his king and great skill as a military commander. He was fearless in battle and led his troops from the front. For this he was awarded large estates in the North of England and was appointed Governor of the North by Edward lV. His family motto was ‘Loyalty binds me’  and he used a white boar as his personal device or badge.

After his death he was villainised by Henry Vll and the Tudors.

It was not until the 1920’s that people began to appreciate all the good that he had done to bring culture, fairness and courtesy to those with whom he had  dealings. The Society of the White Boar was created to try to clear his name. This has now become known as the Richard lll Society which has over 3,500 members world-wide. The Society aims to promote and research the life and times of Richard lll and to secure a reassessment of the material relating to this period and of Richard’s role as a monarch in English history.

The local group have visited many places associated with him and hosted talks on mediaeval matters such as medicine, costume, piety, jewellery and food. There was a memorable authentic banquet in Beverley Friary to celebrate 50 years of the Richard lll Society.

Mrs Moody was a knowledgeable and interesting speaker whose enthusiasm or her subject was apparent.


Pictured are Mrs Moody showing President Jennifer a banner depicting Richard lll.