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Chasing the Light

Chasing the Light

Patience and determination were qualities essential to obtain a good photograph advocated Jean Illingworth, when she spoke to the Soroptimists recently. Her presentation was beautifully illustrated with examples of her own work. She described how valuable a photograph can be in encapsulating a specific moment, preserving the atmosphere and memory of a fleeting occasion.

Her photographs showed the effect which light has on our surroundings and how this can change dramatically with the time of day and season.

Mrs Illingworth has a gift for knowing instinctively what is needed to compose a picture. She said that she often has to wait for 45 minutes or more to achieve the right composition. Working with natural light frequently means that she may only have three or four minutes to take photos between cloud cover.

She explained the proportions required for good balance in photographs and delighted the audience with views of local areas. Members of the club were encouraged to carry a camera whenever they went out and given plenty of hints to create a more effective composition.

Jean Illingworth has a gallery called Chasing the Light which displays her work at 12 Wellington Road, Bridlington.

A vote of thanks was proposed by President Jennifer Heppenstall.