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Annual General Meeting 2017

The AGM was held on 26th April.  President Trish welcomed two new members to the club.

The retiring Secretary, Treasurer and the members of the Executive committee were thanked for their contributions and support throughout the year.  The Past President badge was presented to Trish and flowers to Anne.20170402_130034

Liz Hallett who had organised the successful fundraisers was given a floral basket in recognition of the outstanding contribution she has made to a very successful year.

The Executive Committee members for the next year will be:

Secretary – Liz Lyle

Treasurer – Barbara Evamy

Programme Action Officer – Jenny Heppenstall

Membership Officer – Trish Porter

Fundraising Officer – Liz Hallett

Communication Officer – Chris Davidson

Regional Representative – to November – Andrea Hunt, from November – Sue Bates

In a surprise announcement, Jenny Heppenstall will be our President for the year 2017-18.  


The photograph shows outgoing President Trish congratulating incoming President Jenny and wishing her well for the forthcoming year.

Our programme for 2017-18 will include speakers from SI Yorkshire and from the East Riding area, Business and Programme action planning meetings, practical workshops, and a good smattering of social occasions, coffee mornings, suppers, and outings.Something for everyone!