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“POPPIES – Women, War and Peace”.

Lee Karen Stow, a freelance photo journalist was our guest speaker.

In 2018, it will be the centenary of poppies as a symbol of Remembrance of war. Poppies have been used to remember those who have died in every war since 1918.

Lee used photographs of women caught up in conflicts around the world today, interspersed with beautiful images of poppies from first flowering to dying. She has researched stories of women involved in both World Wars and has interviewed women who have been caught up in conflicts around the world, particularly in Freetown, Sierra Leone which is twinned with Hull.

A visit to the Club from Lee two years ago showed how the lives of several women in Freetown who were given cameras, had been improved. Their photos were used to compare lives in Freetown and Hull. Several exhibitions had shown the comparative photos.

It was interesting to note that the average life- span of women in Sierra Leone is 42 years, compared to the UK which is 83 years!

Lee answered many questions from the members and was thanked for a most interesting and thought provoking talk, interspersed with beautiful photographs of poppies