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A celebration of 100 years of women’s suffrage on International Women’s Day

To celebrate  International Women’s Day (March 8th) President Jenny had asked members to think about women who had influenced them or had made a strong contribution to improving women’s lives.   Several members spoke about a memorable woman of the past 100 years

PRESIDENT JENNY  spoke about ALICE BACON the first Yorkshire Woman MP. Alice was MP for Leeds North East from 1945 -1970. She entered the House of Lords as Baroness Bacon in 1970. She was born and lived in Normanton all her life.

LIZ L recalled  RUTH NOBLE  the Founder of Beverley & District Soroptimist Club . We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2017. She was Headmistress of Beverley Girls High School.

ANDREA  told us about  DAME CECILY SAUNDERS  born in 1918.  She qualified as a Nurse, a Social Worker and in 1930 as a Doctor. She founded the Hospice Movement.

SUE B had research on FREDA MAY ANDERSON, born in 1900 in Hull and brought up during 2 World Wars.

MARGARET spoke fondly of her Grandmother SARAH WOOD, born in 1890 in Oldham. She instilled in Margaret the determination always to do her best and taught her about catering.

EMMA spoke about Suffrage and Suffragettes in Hull. MARY MURDOCK set up the first Suffragettes movement in Hull. She was Hull’s first lady Doctor !  Suffragettes were the militant side, whereas the Suffrage movement was formed in the 1800’s with the objective of getting the vote.for women.

BARBARA E told us of WINIFRED HOLTBY, born in Rudston in 1898, died 1935 in London of Bright’s Disease.  She was the author of 14 books and 6 novels, probably the most famous novel being South Riding.

CHRIS D had an illustration of a handkerchief signed in embroidery by Suffragettes, while they were imprisoned in Holloway, for refusing to keep the peace. Many were force-fed.

It was suggested that each member of SI Beverley and District would embroider their name on a handkerchief which would then be buried in a time capsule beneath a Soroptimist Rose to be planted in the Memorial Garden in  Beverley in recognition of the 50 years of the Club’s existence and the 100 years since the first women achieved the vote.

President Jenny thanked everyone for their contribution.