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Did you know about The Prince’s Trust?

The Club welcomed Bjorn Risi, a Representative of the Princes Trust to tell us about the work they undertake..
Mr. Risi has been a Northern Representative of the Princes Trust for 16 years and is based
in Leeds.
The Trust provides Programmes and Support for young people both nationally and locally.
The Trust believes that every young person should have help to succeed, developing their
confidence to live, learn and earn.
3,500 young people in Hull and East Yorkshire are being supported.
There are 8 special programmes altogether.
Ages 18 – 30 Four day courses to help with business plans. £7000 is available + mentor
help before & during the Programme. There is a 70% strong survival rate from this
programme. Criteria has been recently relaxed to widen targets.
Ages 18 – 25 Cash award of £150. (if financial problems) eg. if just finished College and
cannot afford public transport to get to a job or perhaps someone has been offered a job as
a Chef and cannot afford whites or knives.
Ages 16 – 25. For young people who have a lack of opportunity or motivation. eg. Trust
can arrange for them to go to a Football Club for a week’s practise.
The Princes Trust works with many well known companies eg. Balfour Beatty; M & S. These
companies will help youngsters if they show an interest in construction or retail. They provide
work experience and if they show ability & interest then they may be offered a job.
“Progressive Mentors” are volunteers who work with the youngsters for up to 6 months to
encourage positivity.
Ages 11 – 18. Pupils excluded from school given help and support.
Volunteers mentor school children who need confidence building eg. if being bullied at
Mr. Risi is hoping to get Soroptimists to help in various ways as Volunteers. Volunteers (eg.
with schools) are given training, need appropriate checks and are supported by the Trust.
Various lengths of time, perhaps 1 hour a week.
Volunteers for business mentoring, or financial help are given a 2 day training course and
perhaps spend 7-8 hours a month mentoring.
Job Centres, Probation Officers, schools etc all recommend the work of the Princes Trust.

Mr. Risi answered many questions from the Members and was thanked for an interesting
and thought- provoking talk.