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Six Months of Activity

Since our Last Post in October we have not been idle, just busy with our usual ways to help women and girls across the world and throughout Bolton.

  • Supporting ‘our girls in Nepal’
  • Sponsoring Marie-Louse in Fortalice’s fund raiser
  • Planting 210 bulbs in Moss Bank Park
  • Raising money for Ukraine via the Red Cross
  • Knitting dozens of Trauma Teddies (see the next Post)
  • Contributing rather a lot of gravy granules to Urban Outreach’s Christmas hampers (1,995 hampers)
  • Making up a hamper for Eve’s Space instead of sending ourselves Christmas cards and Secret Santa presents
  • Keeping our commitment to the Tots at the Hope Centre (see next Post)
  • Supporting Water Aid 
  • Celebrating International Women’s Day (see next Post)