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Interested in joining us?

Why should you bother to join?

We are women working together, for others, to make a difference-

  • as a successful woman you will have the opportunity to give something back to society
  • you will have the opportunity to make friends with like-minded women locally, nationally and internationally
  • get your voice heard on matters of local, national and international importance
  • you have the chance to learn new skills

and have a good time doing all the above!


What does it involve?

We meet on the first and third Mondays of each month at Beckenham Methodist Church Hall at 7.45. Our programme can be found through a separate link on this website.

Members are expected to make a positive contribution both through attending meetings regularly (but we do of course make allowances for women with busy lives!) and our fund raising and programme action agendas.

We pay about £7.50 per month that covers the club’s expenses and also contributes to the running costs of our national organisation


Please use our contact form and we’ll be in contact asap.