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What we’ve done and what we’re planning


The Club’s priorities

Each year the club decides what we’ll do and which projects we will support. Some projects are supported over several years whilst others are short term. We usually opt to help a local, national and international project- and will also support the projects that SIGBI and/ or our Region propose.

Safe schooling for Moroccan girls

In 2020/2021 we  decided to embark on a three year project in partnership with the British Moroccan Society and the Assafou Association

Girls living in the rural areas of Morocco receive local primary school education. When they leave and go to secondary school there is a dilemma for their families who have fears about their safety travelling to and from the city. Many girls drop out of school at this time.

Bromley Soroptimists committed  for  three years to fund the transport that ensures that at least some can go to school and reach their full potential.

Club members visited Morocco in February 2023 and came back enthused about the success of the project. We have decided to continue that funding but to add to it. The Henna Cafe in Marrakesh has provided daily meals to hundreds of people each day during the pandemic and after as the tourism trade restarts. We’ll be looking at how we can help the education classes at the cafe.


The first donation towards the transport for the girls
Bromley Soroptimist Jane hands over the Club’s donation to Mr Nait to help towards the cost of the girls’ transport


The vehicle that has been bought to provide safe transport for the girls to go to secondary school
The vehicle that Bromley Soroptimists help to run to provide safe transport for the girls to attend secondary school.


Bromley and Croydon Women’s Aid-

Our local service for women and children affected by domestic violence. BWA provides emergency accommodation for women and their children who are at risk and need to leave their homes- often with only what they can carry. From there families are helped to make important life decisions and resettle. Additionally preventive services are provided both directly to families and in schools.


Bromley Brighter Beginnings

An excellent and innovative local charity that tackles the poverty of families with children. We’ve been so impressed by the way this local organisation has responded to greater and greater needs for help for families. We’ve donated funds both as a group and as individuals. Their website shows how effective and responsive they are.


Homeless in Bromley

Homelessness is increasing in our area and we were dismayed to hear from Bromley Homeless ,our local charity, that many are younger people. Again we’ve donated some money and will look at other opportunities to help over this coming year.