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Region President Anne and other Buxton Club Members welcomed Soroptimists from all over Midland East Region to Eyam Village Hall.

The business meeting in the morning was followed by lunch provided by the Buxton Club, and visitors were then happy to explore the historic village of Eyam.

In the afternoon everyone was fascinated by the talk given by a direct descendant of one of the plague survivors and she also updated us on the research being done in the US.  From the descendants’ DNA a ‘survivor’ gene has been identified which could lead to medication for the treatment of HIV and ebola.

Riley Graves

One of Eyam’s wells, dressed in flowers, depicting the true story of Eyam resident Mrs Hancock who buried her husband and six children when they all died in the plague.  The graves, known as “The Riley Graves” are located on the edge of the village and are now owned by the National Trust.