Club Projects – Session 2

The following four Clubs presented on a key project that they have undertaken:

SI Bombay Chembur

A Celebration of Women- Awarding women achievements and excellence

SI Bombay Chembur launched a movie named ‘SHE’- a story of every girl child to fight against violence against women in the form of rampantly prevalent national problem of female foeticide & female infanticide on the occasion of International Day of the girl child.

Female foeticide and female infanticide have become rampant in rural areas of the country where even now a girl child is considered a burden for her dowry reasons and many more. Thus to reach out the the people of the country with a strong message and to sensitize them to the positive side of having a girl child, this movie was launched and posted on Awareness needs to be spread among those people on the changing role of girls in society so that they stop these brutal acts.

The movie can be viewed here.

SI Kodaikanal

A Burning Need

SI Kodaikanal purchased and installed 362 smokeless stoves in the homes of women and their families.  Many health issues are faced by women and children caused by smoke inhalation from the traditional wood stove.

In India, an estimated 826 million people depend on woodburning stoves, which leads to high instances of indoor air pollution.  This can cause respiratory problems in children and even death.

The Club identified deserving beneficiaries, sourced the smokeless stoves, then carried out fundraising activities to finance the project. This project addresses several of the SDGs.

One beneficiary said “I had been suffering with headaches and dry cough followed by breathing difficulties for many years, and noticed that both my daughters were suffering from the same symptoms.  I assumed it was an hereditary problem until the women of SI Kodaikanal educated me and replaced my stove.  My health is now much improved.

SI Dunfermline

Improving Education in the Rwenzori District of Uganda

SI Dunfermline have been providing solar light/power and school text books to Schools in the Rwenzori District of Uganda for the past three years.

The Club submitted an application for funding, and were successful in being awarded a £1,000 grant by Better World Books to part-fund this project.  Working with their partner organisation Rwenzori Organisation for Children living under Difficult Circumstances (ROCDiC) in Uganda, solar panels and text books were ordered and funds transferred. ROCDIC took delivery and distributed the books and oversaw the delivery and installation of the solar panels.

The Club has an ongoing commitment to improve education facilities in this mountainous area. These remote schools lack many facilities such as power and light, reliable water, sanitation etc. While the schools buildings are provided by the government they are short of many items such as textbooks.

The solar panels will also allow the whole community to charge their phones in an area with no mains electricity and where communication is difficult.

SI Trinidad & Tobago

International Day of Recognition of Girls in Science

Clubs in Trinidad and Tobago marked the International Day of Recognition of Girls in Science by giving awards to girls that were studying science subjects and excelling at them.

The awards included giving tablets as prizes, to assist the girls in their study.