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Relaxing in the Summer Sunshine

East Grinstead enjoy al fresco cocktails and nibbles

Once again this year, on a humid August evening, we were able to enjoy cocktails – some alcoholic, some non-alcoholic – and tasty nibbles in Past President Sue Edgar’s garden. There was standing room only by the time over 30 members and guests had joined the celebration. This was a great opportunity to meet together informally with plenty of time to mix and chat as well as introducing and encouraging some potential members. Each visitor was given a raffle ticket on arrival and three ‘special’ prizes were handed out at the end of the evening. The event raised funds for local charities supported by the Club including Crawley Open House, Being Neighbourly and a Women’s Refuge

As the revellers departed and feet were put up by a great team of helpers, the garden became a quiet space again until the dramatic thunderstorms that came later that evening. Strangely the garden decorations remained mainly intact to be put away ready for next year!