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Who is She? Alison Charles

Soroptimist East London member Alison Charles

Who is she? Alison Charles!

Alison Charles, a member of Soroptimist East London, has been celebrated as one of some hundred women who have made a difference to the lives of women and girls. We are so proud of her and what she has achieved for herself and others. So, we want to tell you all about her!

Why is Alison being celebrated?

Alison has been celebrated for her commitment to the mental health and well-being of others. In her professional life, Alison helps companies develop wellbeing strategies that put employees at the centre of their agenda with a focus on good mental health and stress management. And, to do that, she brings her 30 years’ of working experience with military, government, and large corporate organisations.

Beyond this, Alison is a keen advocate of volunteering. Passionate about mentoring and supporting women, Alison was a volunteer mentor for east London’s Luminary Bakery.  The Luminary Bakery is a social enterprise that works with women experiencing multiple disadvantages to help them breakthrough to a brighter future and thrive. To learn more about the mentoring project, have a look at this video where Alison interviews Luminary Bakery founder Alice Wilson and check out our blog “Soroptimist East London Wins Award”.

Alison has run well-being sessions for HERA. HERA supports the professional development of women at risk of being trafficked or re-trafficked. Beyond this, Alison has donated her knowledge and experience to help raise funds for The Ideas Partnership in Kosovo and has volunteered at the s Dragon Café in the City of London.

An excellent and inspiring speaker, Alison served as President of Soroptimist East London and as Regional President of Soroptimist London Anglia Region. She’s a resident of the London Borough of Newham.

What’s the celebration about?

In 2021, Soroptimist International will be 100 years old. That’s 100 years of standing up for women! To commemorate these 100 years, the Soroptimist Federation of Great Britain & Ireland is recognising 100 women for their contributions.  We’re delighted Alison is one of them.

Hooray for Alison, for kindness & generosity of spirit!

Alison is well known to Soroptimist East London members for her kindness and generosity of spirit.  So we’re delighted that her contribution and work for women has been recognised. Hooray to Alison!

To find out more about Alison Charles and her work check out Alison Charles, Wellbeing in the Workplace. 

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