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President Cathy’s address

I am honoured to be the club President for the second time.  I promise to give you my all in the coming twelve months. I would like to thank President Kate for steering us this past year. This has been the first ‘near normal’ year post Covid and culminated in a very successful friendship weekend.

Kate had reduced the committees to three:Local, International and Social.

This has worked well and I therefore plan to continue with this format. Also in Kate’s year we changed the frequency  and format of meetings. Reducing to a monthly combined supper/business meeting has worked well, enabling committees to to meet inbetween without being too onerous. However,  I am also aware that it leaves little time for speakers which has formed a valuable part of our educatation as to other’s endevour’s, so I am proposing that on alternate months, we keep the business side to essential information to enable a speaker to join us. This will start next month with a talk to  about the  Island Games. I would encourage you to continue to meet with your committees outside of these meetings to enable freindships to develop and to be able to plan your activiites.

My Charity for this year is the Guernsey Community Savings Bank. This is a non-profit making charitable organisation helping financially excluded GUernsey residents access basic financial services.

We have lots of things to get involved with this year. I am particualerly looking forward to attending the International conference in Dublin with six other membrs. I am hoping we will come back brimming with enthusiam and new ideas.

I am planning my friendship weekend for 8th – 10th September. I wanted to hold it when hopefully the weather will be nice. It will be  a very informal weekend, and I really hope that you will be able to particiapate in some of the activities planned.

Please remember that this is your club, I want you to feel engaged, vlaued and have fun. Do let me know of your plans as I would love to attend as many as possible and help you wherever needed.

Thank you