6 October 2014 – ‘A year in the life of a Mayor’ Tricia Moore

Our October meeting highlight was a return visit from a former member who
took time out to be our town’s mayor!  Soroptimists do tend to be busy,
involved women but Tricia had had an early marriage, handicapped baby, early
widowhood, training to teach English to foreign students, housing many
students, then by the age of 40 decided to attend university & achieved a
first!!  To complete the new start she moved to a new district (ours!) and
began to take an interest in local affairs becoming a local councillor and
subsequently Mayor.  And that became a whole new story!  We enjoyed her
inside stories and insights, and look forward to welcoming her back as a
Soroptimist again when her life quietens down a little.

6 October 2014 TRICA MOORE 'A year in the life of a Mayor'