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Supporting Wirral young carers

Throughout the Coronavirus lockdown the team at Action with Young Carers Wirral has been able to assist their young people and families in the following key ways.

Providing shopping vouchers and funds for food shopping when access to retail was difficult and at a time when families were shielding/had underlying health conditions that meant they couldn’t or were scared to go outside of the family home for fear of bringing Coronavirus into their homes. Staff were able to pick up/drop off supplies at a safe distance.

Assisting with cleaning supplies for their home/hand sanitisers if needing to go out.

Purchasing mobile phone top ups. Many of the young people/families have ‘pay as you go’ mobiles but were unable to purchase top ups. Staff were able to purchase top ups for them either via on-line facility or dropping off to the homes for them. Lockdown has highlighted digital poverty for some of the families, so this lifeline was essential for contact with family/friends and school links.

Providing and sending packs to young people/families including resources to aid schooling and activities for carers’ breaks that will help with their wellbeing (arts materials, books etc).

Members of SI Heswall have made donations to support the young carers with Asda vouchers which were presented to Paula Hume recently by President Ann McKillop.