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Charity presentations

The Presidents’ charities for 2020/21 have been the Wirral Fund for Children with Special Needs (WFCSN) and Action with Young Carers Wirral. It has not been an easy year to fundraise, for club members and also for these local charities. Lockdown has placed restrictions on all of us and we have had to be inventive with fund raising ideas and efforts. Nevertheless, club members raised £2231.55 which has been split evenly between these two charities.


At the close of their year Presidents Pam and Ann were able to hand cheques to representatives of both charities. Recently they met with Sandra Morris, the Chairperson of the Wirral Fund for Children with Special Needs (WFCSN), to give the charity a cheque from Heswall Soroptimists. A second visit was to the Lauries in Birkenhead to hand over a cheque to Paula Hulme, the Manager of Action with Young Carers Wirral. Again we kept social distance and the picture was taken in the foyer of the Lauries Building. No opportunity for a chat and a nice cup of coffee. Paula was delighted to receive the cheque. We agreed that the money will be spent on ‘days out, outdoor activities or holidays’ for the young carers.