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Garden Party

guests at garden party

Once again club members were pleased to have a fundraising event for Bees for Development. The charity has helped some of the world’s poorest people become self-sufficient through beekeeping for over 30 years. 

Bees offer a wonderful way to help people in extreme poverty. They do not need to be fed, they find their own food and water. Simple hives can be well made from locally available materials, and bees are freely available from nature. Beekeeping is even possible for people with no land of their own. It offers a feasible livelihood option, with good markets for honey and beeswax.


group of members and guests


Bees for Development fights chronic poverty by targeting the most disadvantaged groups: single women, young people, families without land or other assets, and people with disabilities. The charity helps people obtain bees, establish apiaries, and develop profitable beekeeping enterprises.




‘Bees take nothing, yet give so much. I can think of no better way than beekeeping to help people in a world where it is crucial that we take care of our fragile environment.’

(Bill Turnbull (1956 – 2022), Bees for Development Patron)