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Centennial Tree Planting at Morland Primary School

Tree Planting at Morland

Saving Trees was one of the first actions taken by Soroptimists in 1921.  100 years on we are planting trees across the world.

Morland Primary School has a small orchard, plants and other vegetation which is cared for by the children in the school’s Nature Club.

Recently the children have been planting fruit trees in the pond area as part of our Soroptimist International’s Centennial Tree Planting.  We approached The Tree Council and they supplied the trees as part of their project ‘1000 orchards in 1000 schools’.

We look forward to going to see the trees when lockdown rules are lifted and return in future as they grow.  In years to come children at Morland will be able to enjoy the shade these trees provide in the summer and their fruit in the autumn.  Look out for some photos coming soon.