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Supporting Suffolk Refugee Centre – 2022/23

Ipswich is a dispersal area for Refugees.  We are proud to support the Suffolk Refugee Centre who do brilliant work with Refugees who come to settle in our area. 


They provide:

  • Quality independent advice and support
  • Help with education, employment, access to immigration advice, housing, utilities, welfare benefits etc

No matter what the problem, they aim to resolve it.

Their workload has been massively increased by the issues in Afghanistan and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

In the last 8 months our Club has provided 4 of Suffolk Refugee Support’s Clients with a small bursary to enable them to work in the UK.  All the recipients are professional women who have excellent qualifications and experience but needed to go on a profession specific online course to enable them to gain employment in our country.  Our Bursary Scheme has been running for 10 years and we are in the process of reviewing it.  In the past we have also given out a number of small bursaries to a number of their clients and those of Lighthouse Women’s Aid.