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A Day Out at the Seaside for Ukrainian Refugees

Working through Suffolk Refugee Support.last year we helped three Ukrainian refugees take a course in English for their particular career so they could take up a position and become financially independent.  One of these ladies said a few months ago that she had never seen the seaside in the UK and became the inspiration for our decision to take a group of Ukrainian ladies to Felixstowe for the day. 

Meeting in Ipswich we departed in several cars to this lovely town by the sea and had a delightful day together. Starting with a walk at the Spa Gardens, moving on to the views where the foot ferry to Bawdsey leaves, having the use of a lovely beach hut for our picnic where some of our party went for a swim, spending time at Mannings Amusements and Beach Street ‘Container’ retail area before taking the view of Landguard Fort and the Port of Felixstowe, we had a good time together and the weather was kind!

Most of our guests had never met any of their fellow Ukrainians before and they all got on so well, exchanging their experiences and information.  We hope they become a lasting friendship group and remain friends with us too, potentially helping with some of our future projects.  THANK YOU FELIXSTOWE FOR WELCOMING US.