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Friendship Links

Many Soroptimist Clubs have established links with other clubs around the world to exchange news, joint projects, friendship and the occasional visits.

SI Leigh & District have friendship links with 

SI Quincy, California, USA

SI Mons Borinage, Belgium

SI Haverfordwest

Visit to Mons in 2015 by Leigh Club member

Visit to Brugge to meet with SI Mons and members of SI Brugge

First Vice President’s Badge

This badge is unique.  It was presented to the Leigh Club in 1973

by Mrs. Hazel Krauss, a member of our Sister Club of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 

She was the personal correspondent of one of Leigh Club’s Founder Members, Miss Kathleen McDonnell, for a number of years and after Kathleen’s death, Hazel sent the badge to us in memory of her, with the request that it be worn by each successive First Vice President. 

The badge itself is a plain disc about  one and half inches in diameter, in American gold, with the normal Soroptimist badge superimposed in the centre.  Attached to one side of the gold base is a tiny gavel, also in gold, set with a small diamond. 

Officers of the Quakertown Club wear their badges with a gavel attached by a chain and the position of the gavel in relation to the badge is varied to indicate the office held by the wearer.