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President Marianne’s Message- 2013-2014

As a full-time working mum of two teenage children, as soon as I joined Soroptimist International, I knew that it felt right. I could pick and choose what I wanted to get involved in, eg environment, fund-raising, Programme Action, and now things have moved on somewhat. The clubs have autonomy as to how they run their clubs, and Programme Action is the heart of everything we do.

Over these years I have chained myself to railings outside the local Town House for ‘Stop Trafficking’, approached people for signatures to ‘ban sex for sale’, assisted at coffee mornings, rattled cans for charity, and taken part in sponsored walks, and all of these events have taken place with great friendship and camaraderie. To be honest, more is achieved if it is all done with a great gang of people. And that is what Soroptimists are, but what they achieve is even stronger. We are Women working for Women, with a local, national and international flavour, getting involved by signing petitions, writing to MPs, MSPs, using our own Soroptimist Lobbyist at the Scottish Parliament.

Now things have moved on a little, and my two children have now grown up, and are both at University. I still work full-time, and enjoy every minute of it, and it is the same for my Soroptimist work. There is always someone/something to get involved in – a new project. You may feel that you are not achieving very much, but don’t think like that. Every thing we do makes a difference, so if you fancy joining in this very worthwhile group, please get in touch, come to a meeting, or ask about Associate Membership.

Marianne Simpson

Regional president