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Teddy bears for Childline

Teddy Bears head to Zimbabwe Childline

Childline Zimbabwe work with and support children who are sexually abused. We learned of the work of Child-friendly Sexual-Abuse courts which are supported by Soroptimists in Zimbabwe and wanted to help.

We began by donating soft teddies which were given to the children who were to give evidence at the court of their sexual abuse. The teddies were something they could keep and love. The teddies were handed over to Connie a Zimbabwe Soroptimist at our annual Federation conferences.

One of our members then visited Zimbabwe following a future African Federation Conference in Madagascar and personally delivered the teddies to Childline and had the opportunity to visit the court and see some of  children waiting to give evidence of their abuse and give out some teddies. Following discussion with Stella Mitzi National Director of Childline Zimbabwe members and friends got out their knitting needles and knitted teddies to be given to the children and used as part of therapy support. We also donated anatomical dolls and buttons, both to be used during the disclosure of abuse process and more soft teddies. These were collected by Stella as we welcomed her to meet members at one of our supper meetings whilst she was in the UK.