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Do you know why too many saved emails won’t help save our planet?!

As part of our efforts to save our planet members were asked to permanently delete all unwanted emails to help save our planet! You can always contact us to find out the various actions we take in our community – we’d love to hear from you!!

One of our members Jan suggested that as part of our efforts to save our planet that we should delete all unwanted emails.

Did you know that every old email stored in your inbox is using up energy?

Decluttering your inbox is a quick and easy way to reduce your electricity consumption and shrink your carbon footprint.

Have you ever thought how much energy is consumed from storing your old emails?

To save our planet Zero Waste isn’t just about reducing plastic waste it’s about reusing and conserving resources and trying to create a circular economy. The first R of the Zero Waste 5 R’s is Refuse, the second is Reduce – so why not reduce the number of saved, unwanted emails to help save our planet.  We signed a pledge to reduce our use of single use plastic

It’s ongoing and if you need to learn more about the the pollution of our beautiful coastline why not folloe Surfers Against Sewage

I like this easy way to imagine how much energy can be saved:

If every single person in France deleted 50 emails, the energy savings would be equivalent to turning the Eiffel tower’s lights off for 42 years, or to New York City not consuming any electricity for 4 hours.

Below is an interesting article: