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Have you hear of a TEACHING TEDDY?

A TEACHING TEDDY – who would have thought that one of Anne’s 50 hand knitted teddies would get emmployment!

A nursery teacher in a school in County Durham has a little helper.

Every day this nursery teacher does her morning routine with the children about staying safe with Blue Bear as her helper. She starts every session talking about 4 things:
(1)stay safe with our space – Blue Bear is always high up as he is social distancing
(2)wash our hands lots of times
(3)catch our coughs
(4)catch our sneezes
She then reminds the children that if they need clean or dry clothes or hurt themselves, she will put on a mask, apron and gloves like Blue Bear. She puts on each item and points out Blue Bear’s mask and apron as she does. She says it’s working well as the children relate to her blue helper.
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