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Programme Action/Anti trafficking/Modern Day Slavery – reports and photos.

2019 Update Dr Anne Kelly of SI Tenby received the BEM (British Empire Medal) for her work against Modern Day Slavery

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Where do we stand as Soroptimists on Modern Day Slavery?

Combating and eradicating Modern Day Slavery is an aim that Soroptimists all over the world are working towards. Search the web for Soroptimists tackling anti-human trafficking and hundreds of hits come up. Our own federation SIGBI passed a programme action 18 months ago to charge clubs to raise awareness of and challenge governments in our federation to address the situation. Soroptimists in Wales South, took this challenge on as a region prompted by the considerable amount of work already undertaken by SI Cardiff and SI Tenby. Just over a year into our project in 2016, the symposium on 7th February was an opportunity to share with Soroptimists and non- Soroptimists across the region what is going on and how we are and continue to work in this area.


Saturday 7th February 2015

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Thanks to Fay Cori, Si Cardigan for the photos.

Report on the Day – click on the following:-

Press Release following Human Trafficking Symposium – final (2)

Stephen Chapman’s Welsh Government Report – Click on the links below

Anti-Slavery Co-ordinators Annual Report 2014 PDF Version

Click on the link below for the powerful video that was shown at The Symposium  at the Meeting in February