Ongoing Collections

SI Weston super Mare is involved with many projects and in our efforts we have various on-going collections. Below is a list of various items that are required and it is aimed that  all donations will find a good home.

Women’s refuge: on-going collection  GemPac Contents Dec12


Used stamps for Weston HospiceCare;


Mary’s Meals :Ronnie collects on behalf of Mary’s Meals see Backpack-flyer-A4-2011-final . Ronnie has a request for further Rucksacks (charity shops are a v.good source especially at this time of year after old ones maybe donated after the arrival of a new one at Xmas), and her latest request as of 20/5/17 is that she requires top ups of the following:

I have done a check on ” essential needs ” for the next packing ( in the Autumn 17)
15 Toothpaste
35 Soap
12 Towels
27 note books ( preferable hardish backs )
18 Pencil cases .
39 Pencil sharpeners .
Some crayon , Biro pens & Pencils .
All other items are fairly adequate ,
I do have some cash in hand , which I am using to buy rucksacks & other backpack items , when they are bargains . Ronnie M

Food Bank:  A number of our members are involved with the food bank in WsM and many supermarkets have a permanent collecting receptacles.